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Big Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer and Big Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer truck accidents differ from private passenger vehicle accidents.  First, tractor trailer trucks weigh in excess of 75 thousand tons.  The sheer weight and speed at which the vehicles travel often result in catastrophic injuries and death.  Additionally, the drivers of tractor trailer trucks and the companies under which they operate must abide by State and Federal laws enacted to protect the general public.  As such, much more is required of the attorney in handling this type of case due to the complexity of the law and the immediacy in which an attorney must act.  Very shortly after a tractor trailer accident, insurance companies dispatch an investigator to the scene in order to protect their interest.  An insurance company investigator will photograph the scene, interview witnesses and potentially even attempt to sway the opinion of law enforcement personnel investigating the scene.  All of this is done to put the injured parties at a disadvantage. Therefore, if you or a family member has been injured or killed in a tractor trailer truck collision, you should immediately call Gedgoudas and Miller and let our vast years of experience in this area work for you.

It is our passion at Gedgoudas and Miller to seek accountability for those injured or killed by the wrongful conduct of others, especially those injured or killed as a result of tractor-trailer collisions.  We have successfully represented clients across the southeast with respect to such tragic collisions.

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